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Making an IMPACT one pair of pyjamas at a time

We want to make it our mission to make sure every child feels safe and warm, not just for Christmas but all the time. Each year many children, for many different reasons, have to leave their homes with no clothes, no toys and no books. Even if it is just a fresh pair of pyjamas and a story to read I believe if this can make the smallest difference to a child then to me it is worth it. This year we would like to go bigger and better and reach out to more children.



Well... I am Dom!

I am a 9 year old boy from London, UK A few years ago I had a Christmas wish to make sure children that had had a tough time were given something special to open for Christmas. My idea was to give children a pair of pyjamas and a bedtime story to open on Christmas eve. I decided to donate these things to my local Women's aid charity as I had read about how lots of children have to leave their homes with nothing just before Christmas. So "Dom's Pyjamas" was born! With the help of my lovely school and from people all over the world we managed to collect over 500 pyjamas and almost 1000 books which were all individually wrapped and delivered to the children.


Your Chance to Make an Impact

If you would like to get involved  you can send Pyjamas and Books to me at this address:

Dom's Pyjamas

La Fontaine Academy

Nightingale Lane



We would love new pyjamas as these are gifts for the children but alternatively we would also love pyjamas that are in fantastic condition and have lots of love left in them

From the bottom of my heart thank you so so so much for even reading this xxx love Dom xx

You can also donate here:




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